ThrombUS+ Meets in Kaunas, Lithuania

The ThrombUS+ project had its second meeting this week in scenic Kaunas, Lithuania and online. The meeting was hosted by Neringa Balčiūnienė of LSMU and Vaidotas Marozas of KTU.

The partners met at the Emmanuel Levinas Centre on May 14 and 15 to discuss progress made and upcoming steps in the project to design a novel wearable diagnostic device to detect DVT. The objectives of the meeting were to:

    − Recap work done so far

    − Present and discuss the running tasks

    − Discuss in detail the upcoming deliverables 

Representatives from each of the 18 consortium partners were able to attend.

Much progress was made over the course of the two days, with many reflecting that the meeting was a productive and energizing experience. Thank you to all the consortium partners for their contributions–we can’t wait to meet again.

For further updates about project progress, follow ThrombUS+ on LinkedIn.

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