Meet the Partner: Vermon

Who we are and history

VERMON is an independent French company privately owned by Doliam Holding. Created in 1984,
from research activities on Doppler echocardiography within the Faculty of Medicine of Tours, France,
the company has expanded worldwide with a team of 450 people in France and in the USA.

The company develops and manufactures OEM ultrasound array transducers and probes for a wide
panel of customers (from start-ups to international groups).

95% of turnover is generated from exports in two market segments: medical imaging and non-
destructive testing in industry.


Skills and facilities

VERMON's skills allow it to have complete control of design, prototyping, characterization, testing, and
also industrialization while respecting normative and regulatory requirements.

From raw materials to final integration, nearly 90% of the production process is conducted in-house. At
the heart of our ultrasound probes lie the active and passive elements, meticulously crafted within our
workshops equipped with state-of-the-art machinery specially designed to meet our clients’ evolving
needs. All manufacturing lines, staffed by meticulous collaborators, are equipped with internally
developed assembly and quality control tools through our mechanical and electronic workshops,
enabling Vermon to master its production chain.

Our production sites span 7,000 square meters, and our team operates across ten assembly lines to
meet the expectations of the most demanding projects. These facilities enable us to produce a wide
range of products with unparalleled precision.

Moreover, we are deeply committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality and processes.
Our ISO 13485 certification reflects our dedication to ensuring the safety, reliability, and effectiveness
of our products.



Investing in innovation and excellence is a core principle at Vermon. We allocate around 15% of our
revenue to Research and Development, with a dedicated team of over 80 engineers and technicians
working across our advanced research, R&D, and industrialization departments.
Over the years, VERMON has been able to forge and develop numerous partnerships at the local,
national and European level, particularly through collaborative research projects, benefiting from public
funding, and supported by recognized French and European clusters. These partnerships are at the
heart of VERMON's innovation strategy to enable it to identify skills, develop new technologies, and
bring them to maturity for industrial and commercial exploitation.

This policy allows the development of new technologies and new products including active probes with
embedding advanced electronic functionalities, MEMS (CMUT/PMUT), lead-free materials…

Intellectual property is another key element in this innovation strategy with more than 40 active
patents. We are focused on securing and expanding our IP portfolio to protect and enhance our
technological advances.


In the ThrombUS+ project, VERMON will investigate innovations around compact, flexible and low-
cost ultrasound transducer arrays to enable Deep Vein Thrombosis diagnosis via wearable probes.

More information about Vermon:


“Nobody innovates alone! This is why I promote collaboration, first between our teams, but also in the
framework of national and international collaborative projects, and of course by setting R&D programs
with our customers. Wherever you are from, come and make your proof-of-concept with us.”

Martin FLESCH, VP Innovation


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