Introducing ThrombUS+: Shaping the Future of DTV Diagnosis

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) poses a significant health risk, with potentially life-threatening consequences when left undetected. ThrombUS+ is set to redefine DVT care with an ambitious mission to develop an innovative wearable diagnostic device for point-of-care, operator-free, continuous monitoring.

DVT at a Glance

DVT involves the formation of blood clots in deep veins, primarily in the lower limbs, leading to blood flow obstruction. Shockingly, up to two-thirds of DVT cases exhibit no clinical symptoms, making early diagnosis challenging. ThrombUS+ steps in to bridge this gap, bringing together a diverse team of experts spanning industry, technology, regulation, social science, and clinical trials.

The Breakthrough

Our interdisciplinary approach centers around creating a novel wearable diagnostic device utilizing autonomous, AI-driven DVT detection. This groundbreaking device incorporates wearable ultrasound hardware, impedance plethysmography, and light reflection rheography for immediate clot detection. Activity and physiological measurements will continuously assess DVT risk, supporting prevention through serious gaming. An intelligent decision support unit will provide real-time monitoring and alerts, with extended reality guiding users for optimal device utilization.

Target Audience

ThrombUS+ is designed for postoperative patients, those undergoing lengthy surgical procedures, cancer patients, bedridden individuals at home or in care units, and women during pregnancy and postpartum.

Project Timeline and Partners

With a duration of 42 months, ThrombUS+ kicks off on January 1, 2024, and concludes on June 30, 2027. The project has 18 partners from Greece, Lithuania, France, Germany, the USA, Italy, Finland, and Spain. The Horizon Europe Innovation Action funds the venture with 9.5 M€.

Innovation in Action

ThrombUS+ will leverage big datasets collected through three large-scale clinical studies for AI training. Validation will be carried out in clinical settings through one early feasibility study and one multi-center clinical trial.

Join us on this transformative journey as ThrombUS+ pioneers wearable continuous point-of-care monitoring, risk estimation, and prevention for Deep Vein Thrombosis. Together, we’re shaping the future of healthcare!